Most Responded EU Proposal Paused Again Due to Corona

The proposal to discontinue seasonal time change is further delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. It has been approved by the European [...]

Europe is on Their Way of Scraping Seasonal Time Change

The time has come to put Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Europe to an end. After the highest number of responses ever received in a Commission [...]

What should Europe learn from the African experience with previous outbreaks?

The African countries are called upon to act and prepare surveillance systems in order to avert the rapid spread of the virus as it happened [...]

The EU collaborates with Africa, aiming to tackle the pandemic

With Africa having a background on dealing with outbreaks, the European Union signs help agreements in hope of stopping the spread of the pa [...]

Danish women’s shelter creates new developments to ensure domestic violence victims’ safety during lockdown

COVID-19 cases aren’t the only thing rising in Denmark. Since stay-at-home orders were placed due to the pandemic, the amount of domestic [...]

Europe handles the surge of domestic violence cases with new effective methods

Although the COVID-19 lockdown is a challenging time for every nation, domestic abuse victims all over the world find themselves in troubled [...]

Pandemic leading to ageism? – ”Older people can be clever enough to make their own decisions”

While children are going back to school and shops are opening in some European countries, the vulnerable-deemed older people could be stuck [...]

Older people have to find new ways to cope with isolation

The pandemic puts the elderly at risk of losing touch with their friends and family. One British man in self-isolation explained how he’s [...]

EU investment to tackle the corona pandemic provides a basis for demographic change

The Corona crisis is currently mercilessly highlighting the social, economic, and health policy weaknesses of every country. It also points [...]

Romania is already showing the clear effects of demographic change in the EU

Not so long ago, images from Bergamo, Italy, which showed how military transporters carried away the corona corpses in crematoria, shocked. [...]
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