Danish women’s shelter creates new developments to ensure domestic violence victims’ safety during lockdown

COVID-19 cases aren’t the only thing rising in Denmark. Since stay-at-home orders were placed due to the pandemic, the amount of domestic violence cases are also on the rise. Shelters are looking for new solutions to support victims who are not safe at home.

By Denicia Dixon | Farrah Walton | and Martha Kyriakou 

The national hotline for shelter requests for domestic violence victims has doubled in Denmark, according to Henriette Winther, the senior communication advisor of Danner.

Danner is a women’s rights organization that works to abolish violence against women and children with supporting partners. They provide a shelter in Copenhagen, Denmark with more than 6,000 victims who have been abused. 

Due to the lockdown, more women are forced to stay home with their abuser. Danner organization is taking various actions to help victims survive this out of the ordinary situation. 

“We are providing a shelter that isn’t permanent but will be available to victims for the next four months. We have also been active on digital platforms encouraging victims to reach out for help and advice,” said Winther.

Usually, victims need physical dialogue prior to getting accepted to shelter at a safe home. Danner created an alternative method due to the pandemic for victims to reach out for help via email.  

Winther suggests victims to reach out via email in case they speak another language besides Danish, English or Arabic. This makes it easier for the organization to translate and provide proper assistance to the victim.

There are numerous women shelters in multiple cities in Denmark that provide a safe space for domestic violence victims during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

If you’re located in Aarhus and need assistance you can reach out to Århus Krisecentret. If you stay in Aalborg an available shelter is Krisecentret For Kvinder. Another accessible shelter for victims in Copenhagen is Kvindehjemmet i Københaven – Danmarks største 

Kvindekrisecentret. Staying home does not always mean staying safe for some. If you or someone you know is a domestic violence victim, please don’t stay silent and reach out for help. You can call the Danner hotline number at +33 33 00 47 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

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